Past Meeting – A Group for Ceramic Specialists in Cambridge – 7 Dec 2016

Dear pottery nerds,
It was great to see so many new faces at the first ACS meeting. We are now defining the nature of the group, which seems to have good potential, and we all agree ACS should tend to be a platform for learning and sharing practical skills. It was good to meet representatives from the Division of Archaeology, Faculty of Classics, Cambridge Unit and freelance archaeologists as well. A summary of the first meeting follows:
  1. A weekly bulletin will be sent to notify ACS members about conferences, job opportunities, new papers, events, etc.;
  2. A Dropbox folder has been set up for sharing articles and materials on specific methods and approaches to the study of ceramic artefacts. Please, let us know if you want to help with gathering interesting stuff (we better check regulation about it… we do not want to end up infringing dozens of rules after only one week).
  3. The group will exist beyond formal meetings. Please, do get in touch or send emails anytime you need to talk or ask questions, which will be redirected to the experts of the ACS group;
  4. Meetings will be arranged once a month during academic terms;
  5. ACS group is a training platform. We would like to work mainly on methodologies and theories (technology, craft, creativity, social aspects). More specifically, the following topics have been mentioned: stylistic analysis; petrography; categorising sherds; technology and typology; drawings; figurines vs pots; volumetric analysis; export and sampling strategies; time limits to process your finds; scientific analysis (FTIR, XRD, XRF);
  6. We are currently submitting funding applications for supporting the ACS conference in June 2017. Please, get in touch if you want/ can help. Suggestions for the keynote speaker(s)?
  7. Job and volunteering opportunities will be advertised on the Facebook page and via Mailing List.
  8. Projects: (1) collaboration with Commercial Unit (experimental works; firing pottery; etc.); (2) electric kiln in the Department: do we need it? Where? Space and funding? (3) Pottery wheel: ask Dr John Rob, Dr Cameron Petrie, Dr Simon Stoddart; (4) collaboration with Material Culture lab;
  9. Pottery classes (Danika Parikh): Different potters offer classes in Cambridge. Check details here:… – and also here…
  10. Get in touch with the Fitzwilliam Museum, Museum of Classics, and MAA to collaborate together.
  11. Volunteers? Anyone willing to help the ACS group, please feel free to get in touch.
  12. Next ACS event? First half of January 2017! Stay tuned.

Upcoming Events:

  • UKAS, UK Archaeological Science. 12 July 2016 UCL Institute of Archaeology. Abstract deadline: 31 December 2016.…
  • EMAC2017: European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics – 6-9 Sep 2017 Bordeaux (France). Deadline: 31 January 2017.
  • 17 Feb 2017. Communities of Practice, Communities of Style. Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden, Netherlands.…
  • 23rd EAA Conference 2017 29 August – 3 September 2017, Maastricht. European Association of Archaeologists
  • 24-05-2017, LRCW6 – Sixth International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry.…
  • British School of Athens: The program of the BSA courses in 2017 is now available. In addition to the regular potterycourse at knossos, the undergraduate summercourse, the epigraphycourse, and the petrology to be announced, the BSA is please to introduce a new intensive two-week course on linearB and Mycenaean Greek. Further information on our website.