Past Meeting – Archaeological Ceramic Materials Beyond Academia – 17 January 2017

Second Meeting: Archaeological Ceramic Materials Beyond Academia

Tuesday 17th January 2017 at 2-3pm, South Lecture Room, Division of Archaeology, Cambridge.

We have great news for you all! The ACSGroup has been awarded a prize from the McDonald Institute and the Division of Archaeology. We submitted a proposal for organising a one-day conference at University of Cambridge and it was successful: “ACSG First Annual Meeting: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ceramic Analyses”. Congratulations!
Please, get in touch and let us know if you want to help to organise this event, which will happen in June 2017. We will very likely need as much help as possible. There will be plenty of things to do!  

The Second ACSG Meeting (Archaeological ceramic materials beyond academia) was a success. Thank you everybody for joining us and for your contributions. A special thanks goes to Dr Kate Beats, Cambridge Archaeological Unit, who presented her talk ‘Ceramics in Commercial Archaeology’.

The second half of the ACSG Meeting was dedicated to a debate on ‘Standards for Pottery Studies in Archaeology’ – We discussed the PDFs available on the new website (Menu – References) produced by PCRG, SGRP, MPRG and CIfA. Please check the website to read the documents: automatic alt text available.

3. Our new website is online at – ACSG Suggested Bibliography was uploaded to guide people who want to approach this discipline for the first time. New sections include: ´’Drawing Ancient Pottery’, ‘Web Sources’ and ´Standards for Pottery Studies´.  Let us know if you have suggestions or comments to improve the website.

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Alessandro Ceccarelli, MA, PCIfA, PhD (student)