The group will gather students, early researchers and fellows of the Division of Archaeology and Faculty of Classics who are willing to share their knowledge and/or learn more about ancient ceramics and related materials, which include fired and unfired building materials, figurines, ornaments, faience, kilns, toys, pottery, crucibles, and so on.

The first aim of the group will be to organise practical sessions, training, meetings, and seminars dealing with traditional (typological and morpho-stylistic) and scientific studies of artefacts from any time and place. The second purpose of the group is to meet experts from outside the University, involving commercial field units and museums, invite them to actively participate to events and discussions, and strengthen a research network in the UK and beyond.

Research topics and methodologies that will be tackled follow:

  • typological and morpho-stylistic studies;
  • mineralogical and geochemical analysis;
  • technological and compositional assessments;
  • provenance, production, distribution and consumption of ceramics;
  • use, function, and residue analysis;
  • digitising artefacts: from digital drawings to 3d modelling;
  • ceramic thin-sections and petrography;
  • manufacture: identifying micro-traces and macro-traces;
  • theories on socio-material agencies, identity and trades;
  • technology: transmission of knowledge, changes and innovations;
  • applications of ICP-MS, X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence;
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in ceramic analysis.

If you are interested in making this group viable, please get in touch.


Alessandro Ceccarelli, MA, PCIfA, PhD (student)

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